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Farms of the Future

FMS is proud to be a supplier for FOTF

Farms of the Future

What is the Farms of the Future program?

The Farms of the Future program aims to facilitate tech-enabled production and monitoring through improved connectivity and installation of sensor equipment which support increased productivity, competitiveness, job creation and sustainable use of resources in the selected agricultural sectors: Cotton, Livestock, Grains and Horticulture – tree crops and vines.

The Farms of the Future program has two core streams of investment: Extension and Capacity Building: the development and roll-out of a multifaceted education and capacity building campaign aimed at building farmer and supplier knowledge of the benefits and use of technology in agriculture.

Grants: the provision of grants for farmers in target LGAs to establish connectivity and incentivise Agtech device uptake and de-risk investment. Commencing 2023.

  • Carrathool, Griffith and Leeton
  • Armidale
  • Moree Plains and Narrabri
  • Orange and Cabonne
  • Ballina, Byron and Lismore

Farms of the Future

In response to the challenges identified in industry research and the NSW Government’s Farms of the Future pilot program in 2020, five key objectives have been developed to guide the expansion of the program from 2022 to 2025.

Facilitate improved access to on-farm connectivity options in targeted LGAs in Regional NSW.
Develop evidence of tangible productivity and efficiency gains as a result of the improved on-farm connectivity.

Accelerate the uptake of Internet of Things (IoT) Agtech to support increased productivity, profitability, competitiveness and the sustainable use of resources in the agriculture sector.
Improve the digital capability and skills of farming businesses and their workforce to enable greater awareness and adoption of digital technologies. Support collaboration across local, State and Commonwealth Government programs, as well as across industry and the community.

FMS Products


Price: $600

Link to FOTF Website

LoRaWAN® Solenoid Valve Controller UC511

Rechargeable, 2 × 2550 mAh battery with solar panel 1-month battery life without charging (Class C)

LoRaWAN® Solenoid Valve Controller  UC512

Non-rechargeable, built-in 19000 mAh Li-SOCl2 battery Up to 3-year battery life (Class A)

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EM500-UDL-915M PN W050/W010

Price: $650

Link to FOTF Website

EM500-UDL provides highly accurate distance measurement for a variety of applications in harsh environments like flood monitoring, wastewater management, fill level monitoring in grains or fertilizer. The measurement is based on ultrasonic waves transmitted and reflected back from nearby objects.

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EM500-SWL-915M PN L003

Price: $800

Link to FOTF Website

EM500-SWL is designed to measure the tank level or open water applications while fully submerged in liquid. It is robust and sealed to prevent corrosion and failure.

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EM-500-CO2- 4 in 1 Carbon dioxide sensor


Price: $450

Link to FOTF Website

EM500-CO2 is designed for measuring gaseous carbon dioxide (CO2) concentration in harsh environments. It is useful in the application where knowing CO2 level is important like greenhouse, building ventilation, fruit and vegetable storage. Besides, it also supports temperature, humidity and barometric pressure measurement.

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EM300-MCS-915M- Magnetic contact switch- Gate/door sensor


Price: $150

Link to FOTF Website

The EM300-MCS magnetic contact switch can be mounted to any door or window to detect an opening or closing event. It adds physical security monitoring to your location by alarming for intrusion or unauthorized entry to your monitored conditions.

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FMS Base station- Lora Gateway Private Network


Price: $1800

Link to FOTF Website

The base station is the gateway between your smart farm and the FMS-Control application. This is needed for the FMS system to work. Unfortunetly it cannot be included in the FOTF package if installed in the Office or farmhouse. If WiFi or ethernet is available at the Shed it may be included in the package. 4G options are also available.

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FOTF Packages

Pump & Tank Combo


Price: $2,050

FMS-Mini controlling the pump complete with a pressure transducer. A 3m level transducer at the tank. Programmed through the FMS-Control application to automatically control the pump when the tank is at a certain level. FMS- BASE STATION NEEDED

Pump Shed & Valve Combo


Price: $4,100

With the use of the Multi Control- pump run times VSD pressure set points, monitor multiple pumps, pressure, flow, and water level at the pump shed. Control up to 4 valves out in the field with the option to monitor flow. Complete with a MULTI, 0-10 Bar PT and 2 x dual valve controllers. FMS- BASE STATION NEEDED

Pump shed & Lateral irrigator combo


Price: $4400

With the use of a Multi at the pump shed and a Mini on the irrigator -Monitor real-time pressure and GPS position on your existing system. Be alerted to faults in the irrigator and control your pump speed to optimise water efficiency. Complete with a Multi, Mini & 2 x 0-10bar PT’s. FMS- BASE STATION NEEDED

Coldroom Combo

EM500-CO2-T-H-P & MS-UC300-915M

Price: $950

Monitor your cold room temperature, humidity and CO2 levels, activate fresh air vents and be alerted to compressor faults in real-time. Complete with an EM-500 CO2 and a UC-300 controller.FMS- BASE STATION NEEDED

Grain Aeration Controller

Multi-86844-lora & RHT-003

Price: $2950

FMS Multipro with 8 outputs complete with 4-20ma temperature and humidity sensor pre-wired. Programmed through the FMS-Control application to automatically control the fans when the temp & humidity is at a certain level. FMS- BASE STATION NEEDED