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FMS Mini

The FMS Mini is exactly that, Mini, it has been designed for control and monitoring of remote device such as valves, soil probes and weather stations. It is powered from 12v DC, has GPS and digital compass so is perfect for retrofitting to irrigators. The Mini works in with the FMS family and mixture of both the Multi and Mini will create the perfect smart farm.

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  • Can be installed anywhere
  • LoRawan technology (low frequency radio) processes and communicates data from the sensors to and from FMS Base (internet gateway)
  • Powered by 12vdc allowing it to be fully remote
  • Inputs
    • 1 digital in
    • 2 analog in-(0-20ma or 4-20ma) all user settable
    • GPS
    • Digital Compas
  • Outputs
    • 1 relay out (240VAC up to 6amps)
  • RS485