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In the face of an increasingly variable climate, irrigated agriculture in general is up against a future with less water. With FMS the timing and the quantity of water applied is optimised, and losses that occur along the distribution channels are minimised. Water savings can be used to irrigate more land, which is particularly relevant where water is the limiting factor of production.

Labour & Time

Instead of traveling to multiple locations to manually inspect the motor and pumps, FMS significantly reduces labour by providing an automatic and real-time status of water pressure, pump usage, pump water flow, and other critical operating parameters. This results in you or your farm manager having more time to perform other tasks uninterrupted, as well as less chance of human error that may lead to water loss.


Irrigation automation allows you to remotely set the area, frequency, start time, end time and the duration of irrigation, allowing you to take advantage of off-peak pricing tariffs and save significantly on energy costs. Optimising water application also results in less energy required to pump the water.


By being in complete control of your irrigation system, the application of fertiliser is optimised through controlling its flow to accurately treat crops while saving money by not overusing expensive fertilisers.


There are both state and federal incentive plans and financial assistance programs now in place to assist agricultural producers boost productivity and implement sustainable practices. These programmes are aimed at helping farmers reduce costs, build productivity and prepare for and manage the effects of drought and other challenges. Funding and financial assistance that may be available to you for the implementation of automated irrigation systems like FMS include;

Regional Investment Corporation Farm Investment Loans

Allows farm businesses to access new debt for operating expenses and capital. No fees, up to $2m, 3.58% variable interest rate, apply anytime! Find out more here.

QRIDA Sustainability Loan

Allows farm businesses to access new debt for productive and sustainable practices such as remote irrigation technology. No fees, up to $1.3m, low interest rates fixed for 1, 3 or 5 year terms, apply anytime! Find out more here.

Reef Alliance Financial Incentive Scheme for Horticulture

The scheme provides a 40% subsidy up to $5,000 for horticulture growers located in Bowen Burdekin, Burnett Mary and Fitzroy to adopt fertigation and irrigation systems that enhance sediment, nutrient and pesticide management on farms. Find out more here.