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Remote Irrigation Made Easy

Today’s farmers face more variabilities outside of their control, with every season a race to produce higher yields and use less water and energy in the process. They’re facing challenges like weather variability, increasing energy costs, limited availability of skilled labour and market volatility. Remote Irrigation can help. 

The FMS automated irrigation system helps you take matters into your own hands and tackle those challenges by optimising the efficiency of your irrigation system.

FMS is a sensor based automated irrigation system that provides real-time visibility into the operating status of motors, pumps, valves, flow rate and other parameters of your irrigation system. The intelligent automated irrigation system empowers farmers to monitor and control different aspects of the irrigation system from the convenience of a smartphone or laptop.

Inputs and costs are reduced including water, time, labour, electricity and fertilisers, whilst ensuring the optimal use of water and maximum benefit to the crop. It all adds up to increased yield and bigger profits.

  • Guaranteed to fit into your existing irrigation set up
  • LoRaWan technology for longer range
  • Advanced capabilities to further reduce costs
  • Make your own adjustments
  • Support & training come standard
FMS Multipro - Remote Irrigation

FMS = Total Control

Comprehensive programming abilities allow you to set up complex irrigation schedules.

Simply set a rule that will trigger an event such as starting or stopping a pump, decreasing water flow or initiating an irrigation event when environmental conditions reach a predetermined set point. You can commence a rule manually or schedule it in advance to begin automatically.

FMS Control has also been designed with an open framework, allowing the system to grow over time as your requirements change.

FMS Fits Any Existing
Irrigation Setup

Remote Irrigation Made Easy

FMS Control

Cloud-Based Software

FMS Control is the web application used to monitor and control your irrigation equipment.

Accessible from any internet-enabled device, the software enables you to manage your irrigation online, using your computer at home or a smartphone when you’re away.

  • Start, stop or extend an irrigation schedule at any time
  • Set the start and end dates of irrigation schedules for the full season
  • Define an irrigation schedule for a day and repeat it every day or on specified days of the week
  • Repeat an irrigation schedule multiple times per day by setting an interval
  • Initiate an irrigation event when environmental conditions reach a predetermined set point

FMS has changed the way I farm. The amount of time I am saving by not driving around and making sure my pumps are operating effectively is already resulting in huge productivity gains.

It’s great to look at your phone, see you need to water, turn on the pump and be able to see it’s working correctly without leaving home or the office.

Alan Richards

Why Choose FMS?

Guaranteed to fit into your existing irrigation set up

From day one, we developed the FMS automated irrigation system to be compatible with any off-the-shelf sensor and control any device available on the market. Most systems use wireless sensors that need to be matched to the main product, forcing growers to replace their current irrigation equipment at a significant expense. By wiring the sensors into the device, FMS is almost guaranteed to fit into any existing irrigation set up. That’s a big deal.

LoRaWan technology for longer range

Other systems require a sim card or the use of ‘line of site’ wireless technologies which prove ineffective for properties with minimal phone service or that have undulating terrain where line of site is not possible. We overcome this by utilising LoRaWan technology (low frequency radio) that can wirelessly transmit signals to the internet gateway up to 15km ‘line of site’ or 3km through heavy vegetation and buildings, ensuring you don’t experience interruptions or technical failures.

Advanced capabilities to further reduce costs

Specifically designed with advanced capabilities to assist farmers reduce their costs even further, the FMS automated irrigation system offers the unique feature of analog out which accommodates the flexibility to control a variable speed drive (VSD). Installing a VSD ensures your pumping system runs only at the speed necessary, reducing energy costs significantly as lowering the speed of a motor by just 20 percent can produce an energy saving of up to 50 percent!

Make your own adjustments

We know most farming decisions aren’t made during 9am to 5pm, so we designed FMS with the unique function of user settable rules, allowing you to make changes to your irrigation operation and scheduling when it suits you.  While other systems still require users to contact the software programmer to manually make changes, with FMS you can make your own adjustments, eliminating the need to rely on us.

Support & training come standard

We’re right beside you along your journey ahead, and that includes providing high quality training and support that ultimately puts you in complete control. Once an FMS automated irrigation solution is identified we correctly train you on the true potential of the system, and we’re only a phone call away should you need additional support. We also believe in getting more information into the hands of our customers and will be providing a library of intuitive training and troubleshooting videos. Watch this space!

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