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The FMS automated irrigation system is simple to install and quick to get up and running. Robust sensors (not supplied) are strategically installed on the various components of the irrigation system (pumps, pipelines and water source) that wire back to a field device (FMS Multipro).

The field device is typically installed close to a pump site and can be powered by either 240vAC or 24vdc allowing it to be either solar or battery powered. Utilising LoRawan technology (low frequency radio) the field device communicates data received from the sensors to and from an internet gateway (FMS Base).

No internet is required other than at the internet gateway (typically located in your home or office) and it can wirelessly transmit up to 15km. Serving as the central processing hub, the internet gateway processes the data and sends it to cloud-based software (FMS Control) that provides users with a real-time status of their irrigation system on their smart device.

Although our focus is tailored around the irrigation sector including pivots, flood, sprinklers and drip, controlling diesel and electric motors, the FMS automated irrigation system is so versatile that it can be adapted to any operation on your farm.

Remote Irrigation - Automated Irrigation

FMS Control Cloud-Based Software

FMS Control is the web application used to monitor and control your irrigation equipment. Accessible from any internet-enabled device, the software enables you to manage your irrigation online, using your computer at home or a smartphone when you’re away.


FMS Control provides information that is easy to access and simple to understand, so you can make better decisions about your water management. Connected devices such as weather stations and soil moisture sensors can be remotely monitored with changes recorded in FMS Control every 10 seconds, 24 hours a day. Detailed analysis of your irrigation history enables you to track usage, see trends and support planning for the future. For added peace of mind, you can also create SMS alerts or emails to inform you of faults or leaks in your irrigation system.


Comprehensive programming abilities allow you to set up complex irrigation schedules. Simply set a rule that will trigger an event such as starting or stopping a pump, decreasing water flow or initiating an irrigation event when environmental conditions reach a predetermined set point. You can commence a rule manually or schedule it in advance to begin automatically. FMS Control has also been designed with an open framework, allowing the system to grow over time as your requirements change.


  • Start, stop or extend an irrigation schedule at any time
  • Set the start and end dates of irrigation schedules for the full season
  • Define an irrigation schedule for a day and repeat it every day or on specified days of the week
  • Repeat an irrigation schedule multiple times per day by setting an interval
  • Initiate an irrigation event when environmental conditions reach a predetermined set point


  • Manage your irrigation equipment from any device that has web access
  • Make your own adjustments, unlike other systems that require you to contact the provider to manually make changes
  • Easily access and understand information through graphs and visualisation tools
  • Set up multiple crop types for specific crop management reporting such as total water usage and hours
  • Instantly detect system failures with SMS text messages and email alerts
  • Integrate your existing sensors without the expense of installing new equipment
  • Add additional FM Multipros (field devices) as your requirements change

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