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Modern Methods of Irrigation

Modern Methods of Irrigation

Modern irrigation methods use things like timed sprinkler systems and cloud-automated solutions, surface water lines, and drip systems. When you invest in types of innovative products, you can create unique, custom schedules to maintain the health of your landscape and only irrigate when needed, based on site-specific, daily runtime adjustments.

Getting to Know the Modern Irrigation Options

When it comes to modern irrigation methods, you have several options and types to consider. From smart irrigation control to remote irrigation and others, keep reading to learn about some of the most popular options used today.

Surface Irrigation

In the irrigation industry, surface irrigation systems are the most widely used options. With this type of irrigation, water is applied to the soil using gravity. Because the water distribution is not regulated, surface irrigation is also called flood irrigation. There are several types:


With furrow irrigation, water is designed to flow through shallower channels spaced evenly at a slope to the field. The water present in the shallow channels is supplied through several methods, including gated pipe, main ditch, siphon, and others.

The surface roughness, shape, slope, soil infiltration, and inflow rate of furrows impact the water speed. It requires a minimal capital investment but is a more labor-intensive type of irrigation.

Basin and Border Irrigation

Both techniques involve water moving through the soil. With basin irrigation, water is supplied to a field, which may cause ponding. However, the water is designed to flow through ditches with border irrigation and move into a drainage system at the end.

Sprinkler Systems

Another one of the popular modern methods of irrigation is a sprinkler system. As the name implies, a sprinkler system “sprinkles” water on plants and grass. The effect is designed to mimic rainfall. Sprinkler irrigation systems require the use of sprinklers, mainlines, laterals, pumps, and sub mainline.

The mainlines and the sub mainlines are used to move the water out of the pumps and the area needed. Sprinklers are unique, based on the amount of water that can be sprayed. With sprinkler systems, you can opt for an automated irrigation system, which is going to make keeping your grass, lawn, and garden well-watered easy.

There are a few advantages offered by sprinkler systems. For example:

  • Ideal for all soil types besides heavy clay
  • Useful in areas where the crop population per unit is higher
  • Reduces cases of soil compaction
  • Helps conserve soil
  • Use for uneven land and sandy soil
  • Use a sprinkler system for applying insecticides and fertilizers

With this modern irrigation method, you have an innovative system that will provide superior control levels and unparalleled results.

Drip Irrigation Systems

Just as the name implies, this irrigation system involves the watering of grass, plants, and your garden one drip at a time. It is also referred to as the trickle irrigation method.

This type of irrigation system involves using small pipes with drippers close to the ground. This ensures the water gets right to the roots. Drip irrigation is considered one of the most efficient and most modern types of irrigation techniques used today. It helps reduce cases of runoff along with water evaporation.

When drip irrigation systems are installed, water’s actual application is more frequent compared to some of the other options. This results in higher moisture levels in the soil. With drip irrigation, you can help with water conversation, and grass and plant growth are more consistent because of the steady and even water flow.

Some of the specific advantages offered by using a drip irrigation system include:

  • Water makes it to the roots of plants
  • Limited bacterial growth due to dry plants
  • Reduce the use of water
  • No weed growth thanks to water reaching the roots

With drip irrigation, it is possible to keep plants healthy without wasting water, which is a top priority for many people today.

Modern Technology and Irrigation Systems

Today, the IoT (internet of things) impacts virtually every industry, and the irrigation industry is not excluded from this trend. Today, there are countless types of irrigation systems that rely on IoT to collect data and information about the soil and water levels and provide updates about the status of the grass and plants in the area.

With this type of smart irrigation in place, the system will be automatically stopped or started when moisture levels reach a certain point.

The Importance of Modern Irrigation Techniques

Now that you know about the modern irrigation methods, you should also better understand why proper, innovative irrigation techniques are so important. Some of the top reasons you should invest in modern irrigation techniques include:

  • Ability to grow several crops or plants and enhance productivity
  • Proper irrigation ensures healthy plants
  • Irrigation helps to protect against drought or insufficient rainfall

As you can see, modern irrigation techniques are not only impressive but necessary for any residential or commercial property.

Modern Irrigation Methods FAQs

When it comes to modern irrigation methods, there are many questions “out there.” Some of the most commonly asked, and the answers can be found here.

What Are the Most Popular Modern Methods of Irrigation?

The irrigation methods mentioned above, including sprinkler systems, drip systems, and surface irrigation, are the most popular options and the most commonly seen today.

Why Should You Invest in Modern Methods of Irrigation?

If you are interested in keeping your lawn, garden, plants, or crops healthy, you must provide adequate water. The best way to do this is by investing in the modern methods of irrigation listed here.

The Bottom Line

When it comes to modern methods of irrigation, there are a few things to choose from. Each option has both pros and cons to consider, so it is up to you to choose the best one for your needs. If necessary, you can work with irrigation professionals for help and information. They can help you choose the irrigation option that best suits your situation. Being informed is the best way to choose the modern irrigation system that meets your needs.

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